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Proximity 2 released on Xbox 360 and iPhone!

2011-03-02 17:24:42 by cableshaft

Proximity 2, the sequel to the hit flash strategy game Proximity, has been released on the Xbox 360 and on the iPhone! Play with up to four friends or against the computer to capture the most tiles and score the most points!

Proximity 2 has many new features, including significantly improved graphics, sound, and animations, a five tile hand, special board tiles, many game options, game stats, and much more! The game is only 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Indie Games, and $1.99 on the iPhone (compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad).

Proximity 2 on Xbox Live Marketplace

Proximity 2 on Apple App Store

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Proximity 2 released on Xbox 360 and iPhone!


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